Thursday, February 23, 2017

Goldie Adair

Goldie is 2 months old today! I needed to write down her birth story (like a month ago) because I am forgetting things... mom brain is all too real. 

So, this was definitely my hardest/longest pregnancy. I found out I was pregnant when Hendrix was 9 months old. We were totally shocked.. like you cry because you can't believe it, and you're not that excited.. but then you cry because you feel guilty ha. 
At this point Mathis was super sick. We couldn't figure out what was going on.. we were going to doctor after doctor. He could barely get out of bed each day. He was just about to put pharmacy school on hold for a few months to try and get healthy. We were both super stressed. Then, add crazy morning all day sickness. It was rough, to say the least. Around 7 months I started getting the worst pelvic pain. It hurt to walk, pick up the boys, pretty much do anything. My doctor told me I had pelvic separation (SPD), and there was really nothing to do. I'm thinking having three pregnancies/ babies in less than 3 years might have something to do with it ha ha. 

I was so ready to have this baby. I was supposed to be induced at 39 weeks, which was December 21. My mom flew in to town, I had the house cleaned.. we were ready. Mathis called the hospital to see what time we should come in. They said they were super busy, we were on the list, and they'd call us when they could. Ugh. We waited all day, and called again at like 7. Still no room. I saw my doctor the next day, she stripped my membranes, and told me hopefully they'd have room in the hospital that day. 
The hospital called at 10 that night, and said be here in an hour!! 
Of course we rushed over. I was measuring at like a 2. They said the doctor didn't want to start pitocin until 5 the next morning, so just hang out. They didn't hook me up to anything, in hopes I would sleep. They started pitocin at 4:15ish, the doctor on call broke my water at 5 am.. I was still at a 2. BLAH. The contractions were getting really painful after that. I was so scared to get an epidural after my last experience, NIGHTMARE. At 8, I decided I needed it. I kept waiting for the relief of the epidural, but I was still having really painful contractions. I told the nurse I needed to push at like 8:15. She checked me, and said, its go time. I pushed one time, and my sweet little girl was born at 8:21. 7 pounds, 20 inches! We were able to leave the next day, (Christmas Eve) to be home with the boys. 
Even though delivery is freaking barbaric, and so gnarly... I think I could re-live this over and over and over. The moment they lay that sweet baby on your chest.... I don't know how you ever stop having babies.

It's hard to remember our life before we had her. Goldie is the best best baby. The boys absolutely love her, and Mathis is completely smitten with our sweetie. I am so grateful Heavenly Father has a plan for us. We weren't planning on having another baby right away, but I am so glad He knew differently!!! The love I have for her is truly overwhelming ❤️❤️. I could never explain the strength of my love for my kids. 

 our christmas baby

 as close to heaven as you can get

holy crap, I have 3 kids

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